Simple Solutions to Joyful Health
Simple Solutions to Joyful Health
Simple Solutions to Joyful Health

How You can use Whole Body Vibration for the BEST Exercise!

For Pain..Stronger Muscles...Detoxing...and Stress Management!!!


Enhance your Work Environment using Whole Body Vibration!

Imagine a workplace where within minutes of a stressful situation, you are enjoying a therapeutic, 10-minute whole body vibration session. Which not only reduces your stress hormone ¹cortisol, studies have also shown that regular use can:


Reduce back pain

Increase muscle strength

Improve balance in older adults

Assist in metabolizing fat

Reduce bone loss


Your personal CJoy Wellness Consultant will work with you to create the perfect wellness space within your work space.

Coaching w/WBV 

Vibration has been widely used as a tool for rehabilitation, enhancing physical abilities.

Two months of WBV has shown improved lower limb neuromuscular function as demonstrated by improved coordination and balance of 35 elderly subjects performing a standardized chair-raising test.

Vibration has shown positive influence on maximal strength and force output and vertical jump.

Bone development and prevention of bone loss or even reversing bone density. Working closely with a CJoy Wellness Advocate will get you back to feeling great and living the life you've always wanted!  
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After discovering the amazing power of whole body vibration these amazing families are taking the therapeutic benefits of the whole body vibration machine home for the rest of their families to enjoy.  

Let's make Whole Body Vibration Machine ownership a reality today.  A year from now you are going to wish you started today!
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