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Wellness Cell Group

Embark on your journey to holistic health with Wellness Cell Groups by CJoy Wellness.

  • 1 h
  • CJoy Wellness at Wright Community Connections|Wright Community Connections Building

Service Description

Join us for Wellness Cell Groups, a transformative initiative aimed at fostering health and wellness through community support and shared goals. Led by Bilingual Certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Chelsy Joy, these groups bring together like-minded individuals committed to enhancing their overall well-being. Wellness Cell Groups are intimate gatherings where participants unite to focus on improving their health across 7 core pillars over a 7-month journey. Under the expert guidance of Chelsy Joy, a certified bilingual wellness coach, each session delves into the American Medical Association approved pillars of nutrition, hydration, exercise, stress management, sleep, relationships, and detoxification. What to Expect: Community Support: Connect with individuals sharing similar health goals and challenges, fostering encouragement and accountability. Expert Guidance: Benefit from Chelsy Joy’s expertise and personalized coaching, utilizing researched tools and resources tailored to each pillar. Transformational Journey: Over the 7-month incubation period, cultivate habits and practices that promote holistic health and well-being. Focused Learning: Dive deep into each pillar through interactive sessions, discussions, and practical applications designed to empower sustainable lifestyle changes. These sessions are perfect for individuals passionate about prioritizing their health, seeking guidance in achieving wellness goals, and eager to connect with a supportive community dedicated to personal growth. Embark on your journey to holistic health with Wellness Cell Groups by CJoy Wellness. Together, we’ll empower each other to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. join us inside 215 N. Main St. Clarion, IA 50525

Contact Details

  • Wright Community Connections, North Main Street, Clarion, IA, USA


  • 215 N. Main Street


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