Simple Solutions to Joyful Health
Simple Solutions to Joyful Health
Simple Solutions to Joyful Health

Your Wellness Journey is as Individual as YOU!

Over the past two decades we have discovered tools and resources which we have used to find relief from pain, manage stress, properly support our body's naturally detoxifying systems, and begin to properly metabolize fat stores allowing for a healthy weight management over the long term (breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle).  

Wellness @ Home

A body, mind, and spirit which is daily growing, cleaning, and strengthening itself down to the subatomic particles.


Our goal is to assist you in creating your own comfortable Wellness@Home space.

We assist you in envisioning a plan to create a health and wellness Ispired room within your home where your whole family cna benefit from "Where Fitness Meets Relaxation"


Work with our Wellness Professionals to create the perfect space within your Home for daily Joyful Wellness Support!

Training the Trainer

Are you a health and wellness expert looking to add additional healthy streams of both income and therapies to your client base?

CJoy Wellness has a training program for you!


CJoy717 Training the Trainer Wellness Program is geared towards Professionals who train otheres. Massage therapists, personal trainers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletes, fitness professionals, and those looking to take their fitness to the next level.

Wellness Coaching

Teaching you through personal and individualized attention to life's oftentimes difficult and confusing details! 
Assisting you at achieving your wellness and life goals during the most challenging moments in your life. 
We work together in creating a plan to help you through getting control of the everyday creating tasks that oftentimes seems we have lost touch with. 
Truly understanding WHY you are where you are in regards to your health & Wellness and discovering the steps to take to get where you desire to be!!!

Experience life like you've always wanted with improved health!