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"Wellness 4 the People!"

Community Impact Wellness Project

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Working together as a community! CJoy Wellness desires to bring positive changes to our communities, by partnering with local compassionate business owners/professionals, like you, who share our passion to see health & wellness returned to the people in our community.  

​"Wellness 4 the People" is a collaborative project of CJoy Wellness, LLC helping bridge the gap between those in the community who can and those who cannot, yet. 

CJoy Wellness will be offering bilingual wellness and lifestyle management coaching, through connecting members of the community looking to increase their access to wellness resources and tools inside the newly proposed Wright Area Connection building on Main Street in Clarion, IA opening Spring 2024. 

In collaboration with the Iowa Food Bank and Gift of Giving we will create a community impact partnership to provide the support every member of our community needs under one roof.​

At CJoy Wellness, LLC we Engage, Educate, Equip, and Empower the community with core wellness pillars to assist in increasing Individual self-care, self-advocacy, and sustainability in personal wellness.​

CJoy Wellness Studio is a wellness resource center offering workshops, coaching sessions, classes and programs with focus on Stress management, Detoxification, Food and Nutrition being fuel, Growing and Preserving foods for winter sustainability, Moving and Exercising for strength conditioning with special circumstances, Gut balancing and weight loss support, Sleep hygiene coaching for improved sleep quality, community wellness connections, and more.

The focus is to provide a private intimate space where those who prefer, are able to access health and fitness tools in less of a traditional way while being supported by American Medical Association approved health and wellness tools and resources. 

The community is encouraged to join as a monthly member allowing access to CJoy Wellness Studio during open hours to find a renewed sense of personal fitness and increased possibility in your health and wellness journey. 

The increase in the number of people searching for “alternative” therapies in their quest for relief from chronic pain, disease prevention and general lifestyle management is astonishing. People need Simple Solutions to Joyful Health as they explore healthier lifestyles, and at CJoy Wellness those connections happen every day. 


Physicians appreciate that health coaches keep their patients engaged and motivated. The American Medical Association recognizes that patients who receive health coaching will better understand their care plans and are more likely to adhere to their medications, creating a more abundant and optimal life in our community.

The space inside of the proposed Main Street Building will also provide an opportunity for organizations to hold workshops, classes, conferences, or activities to benefit the well-being of the residents, as well as programs for the community to learn, grow, and serve, by giving back time through volunteering and mentorship programs.


What you can expect:​

Through intimate classes, small groups, one-on-one far infrared sauna and whole-body-vibration machine training sessions with certified wellness coach, Chelsy Joy. Each individual is coached through a 10-minute Whole Body Vibration session, staying hydrated with H2 antioxidant water during each session, a 20–30-minute relaxing far infrared sauna session, and time connecting with a certified wellness coach for accountability while building confidence and consistency empowering each individual with self efficacy in sustaining their own personal health and wellness plan.


Some examples of member successes:

A reduction in pain - 74-year-old Jeffrey decided not to have shoulder surgery after 6 weeks of 3 days per week at CJoy Wellness. And ultimately purchased his own whole body vibration machine to take home to maintain his health.


​Fat/inch loss - 72-year-old Eileen from Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania lost 19 inches in 10 weeks. And was able to walk up her stairs for the first time in years.


​​Core Strength/Muscle Conditioning - After 3 months, 25-year-old Mark of Lancaster, PA learned ways to overcome his chronic fibromyalgia, and post-surgical pain following an IT band surgery. Mark now feels his core muscles are stronger than ever and is once again mobile without the use of any walking support. 


​Stress Management – Kathy R. says, “This was the most relaxing experience I have ever experienced.”

​The American Medical Association agrees exercise, food, sleep, community connections and focus on stress management activities are what is needed to promote a healthy heart. Here at CJoy Wellness Studio, that is our focus!



Sponsorship program also benefits you!  When you sponsor someone, CJoy Wellness sponsors You!  Your Wellness 4 The People Membership sponsor’s someone in your local community in need, and in turn you receive FREE CJoy Wellness services!​

Your donation creates a healthier community and in return creating a healthier you! Assist us in helping individuals in your community in acquiring lasting Health. 

For every $500 you donate to support a Joyful community member, you receive a FREE Far Infra-Red Sauna session.​


When you give, we give!

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