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I have been going to CJoy Wellness Studio for around 2 months. It was the best thing I could have ever done for my health. I lost 4 Lbs. and 1 dress size, plus I increased my muscle mass by over 1% and lost 2% body fat. MY lymphatic system has improved dramatically. My legs are much less swollen and my ankles no longer swell up when I am outside in the hot weather for a lengthy period of time. Chelsy, the owner is wonderful. I think everyone who walks through her door knows she cares about them and is there to help and educate them on what they can do to improve their health. “

Colleen Mannon - Leola, PA

Chelsy the owner is wonderful!


"Great morning session at CJoy Wellness studio with Chelsy Joy Velasco. It's a great place to relax, stretch, sweat, and free your mind and soul! The vibration machines are also a great tool for muscle therapy, conditioning, massage, etc! It's a must you check this awesome wellness center out! Great caring people and environment!"

Justin "Irishman" Flaherty - Columbia, PA MMA Fighter from Lancaster, PA



“Help change my life! I was stuck after surgery, walking with a cane. I am now up and walking around. It's all about the correct tools! Check CJoy out. It's well worth it! “

Mark Crnkovich - Strasburg, PA


“ I gave birth to my last child in my thirties, and I carried around the additional weight gained for over 11 years! I tried several different diets, but with our crazy schedule, lack of proper meal planning and time for exercise, it seemed almost impossible to shed the extra weight. One day I met up with a girlfriend to plan for an upcoming Bible study, and I was shocked at her appearance. She appeared to have lost over 40 pounds - she looked fabulous and was full of energy! I had to know her secret and she lead me to the Miracle Wellness Program. After researching the program and speaking with Chelsy Joy, I decided the program was just right for me. The Miracle Wellness Program has brought about a lifestyle change which makes me confident that I will be able to keep the weight off. For the first time in years, I was commended on losing weight at a recent doctor's appointment instead of dreading the mandatory weigh-in!! I cannot say enough about the program, and Chelsy's knowledge! “

Erin Chaboya

Lancaster, PA



“ Positive Results since I started at CJoy Wellness Studio. I feel stronger I am more flexible I have better balance I am less anxious The water has had a very positive result on embarrassing body odor. I have a better overall feeling of well being. “

Patti Coyler

Lancaster, PA



“ My name is Liliana and I had a hard sharp pain one night to the point that I was not able to sleep. The next morning, I contacted my family care physician. She ordered a sonogram and explained that several gallstones were detected in my gull bladder. She then referred me to a surgeon who recommended I have my gallbladder removed. Not content with that, I began researching gallbladder removal and their after effects. I read that one is more prone to having colon cancer after having the surgery. So, I did more research, called my cousin, Chelsy Joy Velasco and started the gallbladder flush she highly recommended the next day. I started my gallbladder cleanse the next day, for the next four days, and all I can tell you is, "WOW!!!" to see what comes out of your body is amazing. I have not had any more pain in my gallbladder and I plan to continue the cleanse once a month for the next couple of months in order to completely rid my gallbladder from gallstones.  “

Liliana Velasco

Orlando, FL



“ I love it, you are so full of sweetness it's like I'm having a bad day and I see one of your Facebook posts it always lifts me up. I love like-minded people, and you, Chelsy Joy Velasco are one person I love to be around! “

Elmer Glick

Lancaster, PA



“ I just wanted to share my 2 week update on the Miracle Wellness Program. I am down 14.2 lbs. I was even able to go away with my girlfriends and stick to the plan. It wasn't that hard either. Overall, the eating plan gets much easier after the first week! “

Janine Arnold Farson

Two week update



“ Awsome place. Love the machines. Also like the suana. “

Luis Santiago

Lancaster, PA



“ Tried it out for the first time today and I loved it and felt great physically and mentally after I left, awesome atmosphere and lots of good advice !! What are you waiting for?! “

Samantha Dulio

Lancaster, PA



“ After just ONE session I feel AMAZING!!! My first session was yesterday and I can't wait to go back today! The ladies we're friendly and very knowledgeable... I can't wait to bring my friends! Thank You Chelsy for bringing this business to Pennsylvania and so close to my area... I feel truly blessed by meeting you. “

Tracey Roberts

York, PA


I would recommend this place to just about anybody at any age. It is a welcoming atmosphere and Chelsy has so much knowledge to share with others if they want to listen to ways to improve their day to day lives. This is a great studio with great tools to empower you as you embark on your wellness journey! “

Anna Berzins

Lancaster, PA


“ It was an absolute pleasure to be in your company today! I hope we can do it again real soon! #yourock “

Abbi Ayala

Lancaster, PA


“ After 3 weeks on the Miracle Wellness Program I am happy to realize that I should not have worn these pants to work today. They are way too BIG!!! “

Janine Arnold

Duncannon, PA


“ We need positive people in our lives and a healthy lifestyle. Once you meet Chelsy you will see she will make a difference in your life. Even if it is her words of wisdom or smile you will leave feeling better.“

Karen Morgan Holt



“ Within 4 weeks, Dan has lost 35 lbs. & 14.75 inches and I'm down 14 lbs. and 13.5 inches. If anyone is interested in this amazing Miracle Wellness Program, do it! Thank you to our amazing health coach, Chelsy Joy Velasco!!! You are awesome! “

Dan & Mindy Grieb

Orlando, FL


“ Chelsy was instrumental in the implementation of a successful weight loss department at our fitness facility. She is extraordinarily efficient and competent, her performance was consistently characterized by exceptionally high quality work. She had the ability to see the larger picture and act in the best interest of the company. Counseling and educating our clients was always her first priority. I whole-heartedly recommend Chelsy as a professional and thoughtful wellness educator. “

Susan P - Lancaster, PA

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