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The plate oscillates and produces vibrations which creates energy to transfer from the platform to the body. This causes the muscles to contract and stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and digestion systems. Vibration Technology was originally developed in the 70's to help rehabilitate Russian Cosmonauts, who suffered from muscle atrophy and bone density loss, due to the prolonged periods spent in zero gravity environments. WBV have been used for years in Europe by Healthcare practitioners and athletes.



-Increase blood flow

-Improve circulation-Increase flexibility (range of motion)

-Reduce Lower Back Pain

-Reduce effects of stress

-Reduces Arthritic Pain

-Improve bone density

-Increase metabolism

-Increases Energy

-Accelerates Weight Loss

-Tones and strengthens muscles

-Massages and relaxes muscles

-Low impact / kind to joints

-Oscillating Platform
-Step Counter: measures approximate distance traveled (displayed in miles)
-Calorie Counter: calculates approximate calorie loss
-Variable Speeds: various speeds for therapeutic options
-Study Construction: durable steel frame with maximum weight capacity for heavy duty use by the whole family
-Pre-Set Programs: various therapy and workout modes
-LED Display: easy to read


Purchase of this Wellness Tool also provides you with the following Wellness resources:

2 Home Whole Body Vibration Machine training sessions for your whole family if in the Lancaster, PA area. ($250 travel charge plus airfair for outside of 717 area.  

A Home Guide and training booklet.

A whole body vibration machine exercise poster.

A 2-year warranty on your new WBV machine.

ALL my help...Forever!

VibraPro Whole Body Vibration Machine

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Specs: 
    Rated Voltage: 110V
    Maximum Power: 1000W

    Amplitude: 0-10 mm

    Speed Range: 5-30hz
    Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    Net Weight: 137 lbs (comes in two boxes)
    Dimensions: 58"H x 28"W x 24"D

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