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Day Pass & Membership packages include the following:


Whole body vibration machines for:

Stubborn fat loss


Muscle toning


Far Infrared Sauna Sessions for:

Healthy circulation


Athletic performance


Immune support

Flush impurities - detoxification

Stress Management

Cleanse the skin

Relax muscles/soothe aches & pains in joints

Improves cardiovascular performance

Burns 300 calories in on 20-minute session


Chromotherapy to stimulate your senses, body & mind, managing:



Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Imbalanced hormones

Reduction of lines & wrinkles


Low libido


High blood pressure


Hydrogen enriched alkaline water during your session:

Molecular hydrogen - cellular hydration, converts free radicals into water molecules.

Better hydration - Boosts the Immune System

Increased energy - due to being hydrated

Improved athletic performance - less fatigue

Workout recovery time cut in half


Inversion stool to assist in the decompression of your vertebrae to assist with:

Improved nerve communication

Pain relief from bulging/herniated discs

Increased circulation

A heightened overall sense of well-being.


Exposure to air purifying Himalayan Salt Lamps throughout your session will help to:

Breathe easier.

Experience relief from asthma symptoms

Reduce Stress & Depression

Offsets Radiation

 Feng Shui

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