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Joyfully Discovering Your Most

Optimal Life!

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About CJoy
At home, work or play, you deserve to live a Joyful Life, FREE from pain, illness, and excess stress...Everyday!
Joyful Services
Time to unwind, disconnect and recharge

Wellness @ Home 

Your Wellness Journey is as Individual as YOU!

Over the past two decades we have discovered tools and resources which we have used to find relief from pain, manage stress, properly support our body's naturally detoxifying systems, and begin to properly metabolize fat stores allowing for a healthy weight management over the long term (breaking the yo-yo dieting cycle).  

CJoy will individually guide you through her CJoy717 Lifestyle Program. 

7 months

1 New You

7 Wellness Pillars


Wellnes @ Work

Enhance your Work Environment using Whole Body Vibration!

Imagine a workplace where within minutes of a stressful situation, you are enjoying a therapeutic, 10-minute whole body vibration session. Which not only reduces your stress hormone ¹cortisol, studies have also shown that regular use can:


Reduce back pain

Increase muscle strength

Improve balance in older adults

Assist in metabolizing fat

Reduce bone loss


Your personal CJoy Wellness Consultant will work with you to create the perfect wellness space within your work space.

I love Lancaster City Life! I was born a

Community Wellness

CJoy Wellness desires to bring positive changes to our communities, by partnering with local compassionate business owners/professionals, like you, who share our passion to see health & wellness returned to the people in our community.

So many Joyful Wellness Stories to share...

Colleen Mannon

Owner of Home Whole Body Vibration & Echo H2 water machines

My lymphatic system has improved dramatically. My legs are much less swollen and my ankles no longer swell up when I am outside in the hot weather for a lengthy period of time. Chelsy, the owner is wonderful. I think everyone who walks through her door knows she cares about them and is there to help and educate them on what they can do to improve their health. “

Amber costarella_edited.jpg

Amber Costarella

Detoxed Safely off of Opiates

Lancaster, PA 

"When I was first getting clean, like fresh out of detox, Chelsy Joy help me set up a healthy regimen for me and met me twice a week as I was coming off of opiates and strong sleeping meds I had been on for years. I thought I would never be able to sleep or feel better without chemicals. Here I am 6 months later and am sleeping like a baby and chemical free. 


Susan Petersheim

Exec. Dir, Universal Athletic Club

Lancaster, PA

Chelsy was instrumental in the implementation of a successful weight loss department at our fitness facility. She is extraordinarily efficient and competent, her performance was consistently characterized by exceptionally high quality work. She had the ability to see the larger picture and act in the best interest of the company. Counseling and educating our clients was always her first priority. I whole-heartedly recommend Chelsy as a professional and thoughtful wellness educator. “

Let's Connect...

Phone Number: 717.925.4236    /     Email:   

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