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 Chelsy Joy Velasco

Bilingual Lifestyle Medicine Coach & Community Wellness Advocate

Chelsy is a Certified bilingual Lifestyle medicine health coach and community wellness advocate working towards completing the National Board of Health and Wellness Coach board examination in 2024.

Chelsy has been trained in suicide intervention and prevention as well as social equity, diversity, and inclusion training through Cultural Bridges to Justice & the Family YWCA; Chelsy is also an Ordained Minister.

After over 20 years of Health & Wellness Coaching within private settings, fitness centers, spa’s, behavior health care, hospital birthing centers, and dental office settings Chelsy joined Health Advocate in 2019 as a bilingual wellness coach providing health coaching for medically insured to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, and establish a better overall sense of wellbeing.

During her time-off, she enjoys developing, organizing, and expanding on wellness workshops, programs, and ideas which assist her, her family as well as the people she works with in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics including fermenting drinks, growing herbs at home for food and herbal healing, and Food as Art,+ Chelsy actively pursues Homesteading with her egg laying hens, herbal & vegetable gardens, and various berry patches on their property in Iowa.

"My favorite part of life is sharing healthy and enjoyable activities with my family and close friends. I enjoy staying active with exploring the arts & music, as well as outdoor activities including hiking, long walks along the water, exploring new places, road trips, and short getaways, and developing and exploring new recipes for my line of DIY body care products, Joyful Essences and her personal line of DrinkJoy kombucha beverages."

My love for people is what drives me to assist in discovering Joy in all walks of life. 

Chelsy Joy

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Our Mission is to Engage, Educate, Equip, and Empower Community Wellness Advocates.




At CJoy Wellness, LLC we Engage, Educate, Equip, and Empower the community with core wellness pillars to assist in increasing Individual access to medical grade wellness tools to optimize self-care, increase advocacy in individual healthcare, and sustainability in personal wellness journey.


CJoy Wellness believes that education is at the root of growth. Through trainings, workshops, and hands-on coaching work, CJoy Wellness provides platforms to reframe and reshape our lifestyles to increase access to more optimum health and wellness tools and resources increasing our knowledge on personal health and wellness. 


CJoy Wellness Studio is a wellness resource center offering workshops, coaching sessions, classes and programs with focus on hydrating with hydrogen water, stress management, detoxification, Food and Nutrition as fuel, Growing and Preserving herbs for tea and medicinal use, Moving and Exercising for strength conditioning with special circumstances, Gut balancing and weight loss support, Sleep hygiene coaching for improved sleep quality, community wellness connections, and more.



Through intimate classes, small groups, and personalized one-on-one sessions, certified wellness coach, Chelsy Joy, coaches and mentor’s clients to confidently take the steps to creating a lifestyle where health and wellness are abundant.  Each person receives a 10–20-minute whole-body vibration session, hydrating with H2 molecular hydrogen antioxidant water throughout each session, followed by a 20–30-minute relaxing far infrared sauna session. Additionally, individuals are coached to maintain accountability while building confidence and consistency in living more optimal life. This approach empowers everyone to sustain their own personal health and wellness plan with self-efficacy while empowering them with the tools to create wellness advocates who then share their success with others.

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