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Join us in serving Joy!

Join us for one of our Annual CJoy717 Community Clean Up events.  


A Community Clean Up effort by CJoy717 founder, Chelsy Joy as a time to engage the community in creating a healthier & cleaner environment where we walk and live.  

Grab a smile, a friend, and get ready to share a few hours with some cool people, making a change in your community.


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April - Earth Day Team Up 2 Clean Up 

September - Back to School Team Up 2 Clean Up

I love Lancaster City Life! I was born a

Team Up 2 Clean Up

- Adopt-A-Block Initiative

CJoy Wellness desires to bring positive changes to our communities, by partnering with local compassionate business owners/professionals, like you, who share our passion to see health & wellness returned to the people in our community.

Meet Ruth...

After years of un-diagnosed & misdiagnosed illnesses, medication after medication, Ruth found herself at a painful weight. After 3 weeks at CJoy Wellness Studio, with the guidance, support, and encouragement of CJoy's Wellness Community Wellness partners, Ruth was able to lose 33 lbs. and finally experience a breakthrough.

Ruth would love the guidance and support of a CJoy Wellness Advocate to assist her in continuing learning more about the natural ways which have amazingly helped her, and in turn assist others in achieving a level of wellness which was once unattainable.


With your CJoy717 Sponsorship she can. 

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CJoy717 Communities Wellness CoOperative

Let me Teach you how to make a living sharing Health!

Advocates will have the opportunity to facilitate lifestyle changes within the Community, through a combination of efforts to enhance awareness, change behavior, and create environments that support good health practices using effective wellness coaching and behavioral change strategies.


Specific hands-on experience may be gained in providing comprehensive fitness and wellness evaluations, innovative fitness programming and small group training, one-on-one and small group coaching, and the delivery of comprehensive wellness programs or educational presentations.


CJoy Wellness offers Health & Wellness Financial Management Programs for those who would like to combine their career with their passion for helping others. Discovering Simple Solutions to Living a Joyful Life.

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CJoy Wellness Advocate Training

Neighborhood Homes take Holistic Approach to Addressing Community Needs! 

In challenging time, it takes the concerted effort of many to make progress. But by working together, real progress can be made. 

In the few years since the first community home was opened in Lancaster, CA more than 2,500 people of all ages have been served in simple and profound ways.


Latchkey kids now have a place to go after school.


Teens have a positive outlet for their boundless energy via sports.

Those struggling financially have learned to better manage their money.


The overweight have discovered new healthy eating habits and effective exercise techniques.


Troubled families have been counseled. New families have gained parenting skills.

Those afflicted with chronic illness have learned how to manage their disease. In countless ways, Lancaster’s neighborhood homes are touching the lives of individual families every day

This work has been happening for the past few years in Lancaster, CA and CJoy Wellness is working hard to bring this effective Community Program to Lancaster, PA!

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CJoy717 Community Wellness Homes

There are plenty of fun & healthy opportunities for you to serve your community at CJoy Wellness!

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