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Lancaster Wellness Home Brochure

Working together as a community! CJoy Wellness desires to bring positive changes to our communities, by partnering with local compassionate business owners/professionals, like you, who share our passion to see health & wellness returned to the people in our community.  

CJoy717 Wellness Homes is a co-operative of CJoy Wellness, LLC. 


7 Core Pillars restoring 1 New You in 7 Community Homes!

Offering wellness & lifestyle management resources and services in 7 restored homes around all the wards of Lancaster city, PA.


The 1st of 7 homes is now open in NE Lancaster. Where we Engage, Educate, Equip, and Empower the community with Wellness Pillars to assist in increasing Health and Wellness Self-Advocacy.


Each home will also provide an opportunity for organizations to hold workshops, classes, or activities to benefit the well being of residents in those neighborhoods, as well as a mentorship programs.


Each home is open as a resource and education center with focuses on Stress mgmt, Detoxification, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep/Cell renewal, Community connections, and more.

The increase in the number of people searching for “alternative” therapies in their quest for relief from chronic pain, disease prevention and general lifestyle management is astonishing. People need Simple Solutions to Joyful Health, as they explore healthier lifestyles. 

Our goal is to personally connect with our community, assisting in relearning wellness! Through intimate classes, small group presentations, or one-on-one Whole Body Vibration sessions, CJoy Wellness works hand-in-hand to create an abundant life, full of Joy.

• A reduction in pain - Jeffrey decided not to have shoulder surgery after 6 weeks.

• Fat/inch loss - Eileen lost 19 inches in 10 weeks.

• Core Strength/Muscle Conditioning - After 3 months, Mark learned ways to overcome his chronic fibromyalgia, and his core muscles are stronger than ever.  

• Stress Management – Kathy R. says “This was the most relaxing experience I have ever experienced.” 

Together we use a synergistic approach, exploring & exposing the root cause of your symptoms. Thus creating lifelong change.  

Your CJoy Community Sponsorship also benefits you!      

 When you sponsor someone, CJoy sponsors You! 
Your CJoy Membership sponsor’s someone in your local community in need, and in turn you receive FREE CJoy Wellness services*!

Your donation creates a healthier community in return creating a healthier you! 
Assist us in helping unfortunate families in your community in acquiring lasting Health. 

For every $100 you donate to support a CJoy community member, you receive a FREE Whole Body Vibration session.  

When you Give...We Give! 

Lancaster, CA did it!

Lancaster, PA can too!

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